Our Guild supports the individual and group efforts of our members in donating quilts to charity. We collect charity quilts for children and adults at each monthly meeting. The most useful sizes are :

Kids 36"x40" (approx.) juvenile prints, bolds or pastels.

Teen/Adults: Lap size 42"x50" up to 60"x72" (approx.)

Throughout the year these are distributed to local charities i.e., The Blue Ribbon Project - Backpacks of Love and the Hospice of the Chesapeake. Patriotic quilts are created for our military with donations being given to veterans locally and at Hospice of the Chesapeake.

Preemie Quilts are taken to Harbor, Sinai and St. Agnes Hospitals. They are used in the isolettes as well as to cover isolettes so that the preemies can get some sleep since the lights are always on in the ward. Sizes needed are from no smaller than 18" by 24" up to 36 inches square or any size in between. They must be hand or machine quilted - no tied quilts can be used.  No monofilament threads, metallic fabrics or metallic threads are to be used. Please use batting and appropriate baby colors and prints. Flannel on the back is not required, but it does make a soft back.

Pillowcase style sheets measuring 21"x32" can also be used by the hospital.

Love Projects: Our guild is committed to making quilts for local charities and causes. The committee will choose a pattern and often prepare the fabric for guild members to try new techniques or block designs which are the assembled into quilts. Many members complete entire quilts for charity using the featured block or design. These charity quilts are often referred to as Love Projects. Entire meetings can be spent making these Love Projects or the committee may chose to book a non-meeting date for completing this effort.

Pillowcase Dresses: Instructions for making the Little Dresses can be found at http://www.nancysnotions.com/text/pdf/LittleDressesforAfrica_pattern.pdf.

Preemie Hats: Our guild members share their other talents by making crocheted or knitted preemie hats.  Preemie hats are delivered to JHH, Harbor, St. Agnes, Sinai and Children's National Medical Center in DC. All who receive the caps will have a memory for a lifetime. Click here for instructions on making preemie hats and caps.

One of our partnering hospitals, Anne Arundel Medical Center, has a specific knitted pattern for their little ones. Please feel free to download the pattern: Knitted Baby Hats Instructions

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